We work with our clients to solve business problems using appropriate information systems technology and to help them make informed decisions. Our clients are typically small to medium size businesses. We can help you plan your next application, network, or system upgrade.

Here are some ways we can help you:

  • Implement a new FileMaker solution.

We can help you determine the requirements for a new solution, help you plan integrating it into your business, and design and build it for you.

Take your FileMaker Pro Solution to the next level.

  • Implement web publishing.
  • Exchange data with enterprise databases.
  • Add security and access controls.

Upgrade an Existing FileMaker Pro Solution

  • Migrate an existing FileMaker Pro 6 (or earlier) solution to FileMaker Pro 12.

FileMaker no longer supports version 6 or lower; migrating to a supported version will ensure that your application will still work if you upgrade your computer or your computer's operating system. Upgrading has numerous other advantages if you are planning to expand the functionality of your current system or if you are reaching capacity limitations on your existing system.

Upgrade your stand alone system to a networked, multi-user system.

Often a user develops a FileMaker solution which maintains a useful collection of data such as customer contacts or vehicle maintenance records. If this data proves to be valuable to others, it can be shared and maintained by multiple users. We can help you plan and implement the upgrade.

Upgrade your shared shared-file configuration to a FileMaker™ Server Configuration.

Convert from other shared formats to a FileMaker Pro database.

  • Convert from shared Excel Spreadsheets to a FileMaker Pro database.

Data shared in the form of flat-files or Excel spreadsheets is often useful and easy to implement, as long as the number of people sharing the files (usually stored on a server) is small and they are able to effectively coordinate their updates. Converting the files to a FileMaker™ database will allow you to prevent editing conflicts, control file access, and centralize changes.

Convert from MicroSoft Access™ to FileMaker Pro.

Many user's find FileMaker a much easier to use database system for designing and producing ad hoc reports and developing easy to use data entry layouts.

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